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Crafting Light and Shadow for 'Traumnovelle'

The image depicts a scene from the upcoming feature film "Traumnovelle," featuring a character in a full-face mask with strings, dramatically pointing upward in a dim, blue-lit setting.
Still from Traumnovelle (2024)

Setting the Scene with Strategic Lighting

In the upcoming adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's 'Traumnovelle', each lighting decision plays a pivotal role in unfolding the narrative's psychological depth. The film, due for release in 2024, uses lighting not just to illuminate but to evoke, enhance, and entwine with the storyline.

A captivating scene from Konstantin Freyer's "Traumnovelle" featuring shadowy figures in cloaks, with a distinct central character in an ornate robe, highlighting the film's mysterious and dramatic aesthetic.
Still from Traumnovelle (2024)

Backlighting: The Canvas of Depth

At the heart of our lighting setup was the Nanlux 1200, generously provided by our sponsors at Nanlux. This powerhouse served as a commanding backlight, carving out the silhouettes of our characters against the backdrop, adding depth and intrigue to each frame.

  An atmospheric night scene illuminated by a Nanlux 1200 spotlight, showcasing its powerful beam of light against the backdrop of a classic building, demonstrating the intensity and quality of lighting equipment for professional film and photography setups.
Nanlux 1200 on a crane

  A behind-the-scenes image from "Traumnovelle" (2024) showcasing the powerful Nanlux 1200 backlight on set, illuminating the scene with a central character in a red robe among cloaked figures.
Traumnovelle behind the scenes

Underlighting: The Aputure 300X's Gentle Touch

The Aputure 300X's spotlight is softened as it bounces off a white card, creating an underlighting effect that infuses the scene with a whisper of mystery. This subtle fill light wraps around the characters, cradling them in an almost ethereal glow that enhances the narrative's suspenseful atmosphere.

A behind-the-scenes photo from "Traumnovelle" (2024), highlighting the set and lighting design, featuring an Aputure 300x light bouncing off a reflector to create ambient lighting, and crew members preparing the scene.
Another behind the scenes of Traumnovelle

Crafting Atmosphere with Haze

Haze becomes an artist's tool, giving the light a painterly quality that adds a haunting texture to the visuals, transforming the abstract into the atmospheric.

A Synergy with Costume and Makeup

The lighting is not merely a technical necessity but a dynamic partner to the detailed costume and makeup artistry. It's a synergy that amplifies the thematic essence of Schnitzler's work, ensuring that every visual element is touched by the narrative's shadow.

Capturing the Artistic Essence

This lighting setup is one of many that collectively bring the enigmatic world of 'Traumnovelle' to life. It's a delicate dance of light and shadow that captures the artistic essence of the story. For more behind-the-scenes details on the film's production, visit

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