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Lighting TATA's Avinya & Curvv: Volume Studio Challenges

Welcome back to In this post, we're exploring the complex lighting challenges we faced in the MARS volume studio while working on TATA's Avinya and Curvv car adverts,highlighting the complexities of avoiding light spill and managing ceiling reflections.

The Dual Challenge: Avoiding Light Spill and Managing Ceiling Reflections

Working in a volume studio like MARS brings a unique set of challenges. For the TATA adverts, we faced the critical task of controlling light spill onto the LED walls and addressing the issue of ceiling gaps reflecting on the cars.

Avoiding Light Spill

In volume studios, any spill of studio lights onto the LED walls can wash out the imagery, breaking the illusion of depth and realism. Achieving the right lighting angle without spilling light onto the LED walls was a constant balancing act during both the Avinya and Curvv shoots.

Tackling Ceiling Reflections

An additional challenge was the noticeable gaps in the studio's ceiling, which reflected undesirably on the cars' surfaces. This issue was especially prominent due to the glossy finish of the vehicles.

The Creative Solutions

  1. Addressing Ceiling Gaps: My gaffer, Tom Nowell, ingeniously filled these gaps with cloth, which was then lit with LED lights to match the predominant color of the screens, ensuring that the reflections on the cars were consistent with the virtual environment.

  2. Precise Lighting Techniques: We employed focused and directional lighting, along with tools like flags and gobos, to shape and control the light meticulously, preventing any spill onto the LED walls.

The TATA Avinya and Curvv Projects: A Closer Look

  1. TATA Avinya: Balancing natural outdoor lighting while avoiding light spill and managing ceiling reflections required a high level of precision and creativity in our approach.

  2. TATA Curvv: The dynamic, futuristic setting of the Curvv advert demanded even greater synchronization of lighting with the LED screens and careful management of ceiling reflections.

Strategies for Success

  • Innovative Problem Solving: Employing creative solutions like using cloth to cover ceiling gaps.

  • Advanced Lighting Control: Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques to manage light direction and intensity.

  • Continuous Adaptation: Adjusting strategies in real-time to maintain the integrity of the virtual environments.


The experiences with TATA's Avinya and Curvv adverts have highlighted the evolving challenges in modern cinematography. Each project in a volume studio brings new learning opportunities, pushing us to innovate and refine our techniques.

Discuss and share your thoughts on these cinematographic challenges and solutions!

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