• Hi there and welcome to my website.

    I'm a cinematographer who believes that great films begin with great stories and that great work comes from challenging yourself and others around you to strive for the optimum. Telling the director's story visually compelling is what I'm here for vision. The film always comes first and I'm willing to put in my all for a compelling product.

    Born just a month before MTV launched, I grew up in East Berlin. I was 8 years old when the wall came down and the world of cinema opened up to me. I vividly remember when I watched my first Hollywood movie in a cinema theatre together with my grandfather. It was Back to the Future II and I was blown away.

    That was when I knew that one day I wanted to become a filmmaker. Fast forward through school and university I ended up with a film degree from the London College of Music and Media.

    By now I was fixated on becoming a cinematographer, Conrad Hall was, and to this day still is, my hero.

    It would be another few years and a move back to my hometown Berlin until I shot my first feature film Snowflake. On my way I had also become quite proficient with shooting commercials, being especially fond of cars. I love both mediums, commercials and features and I am grateful for being able to switch between both.

    And here I am now, making films, just like my 8 year old me had dreamed of.